CLICK for NEW VIDEO of Hunter Damiani sending "Hard Boiled" in Boulder Canyon, Colorado
Ben Chapman on the Citadel V8 in Boulder Canyon
First attempts on the epicly classic John Halloway problem Trice, on Flagstaff Mtn, Boulder, Colorado
Olmec Apparel by artist Hunter Damiani, prints radical art on eco-friendly garments while donating to humanitarian and eco-friendly causes worldwide; 5% of all sales go to charitable causes such as 5 Gyres, Global Giving, Surfrider Foundation, and The Basics Fund. We are a brand new, up and coming company that is aimed towards uniting artistic design, alternative/extreme sports athletes and eco-friendly clothing. Comfort and function is important to athletes therefore we have developed a new printing style which allows for an extremely soft "no feel," flexible print, with bright print colors that won't crack or peel with age; built to last through years of sun and washing machines. The ink actually dies the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of the fabric. We want you to love your Olmec shirt, not just for it's psychedelic art but for its comfort as well. Olmec stands for creating a vehicle for change through the arts. Support art, support your community, support your planet. Wear Olmec and get outside.